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Autumns favorit pattern

Check, plaid, what is the difference? Are you familiar with your checks? Glen check, Gingham check, Argyle check, Buffalo check, Plaid check or Shepherds check? This fall, it does not matter whether big or small. It seems to be the most important to wear your checks on your wide pants or jacket. It does not have to be check from top to toe. Perhaps an even more harmonious look is with a one coloured top to check trousers. 

Checks come and go, we have seen them before, and we will see them again. Certain checks never go out of fashion. For instance Burberrys plaids in a scarf or on the lining of a trench coat. In my opinion it is too much, when worn on the trousers, the coat, the purse and the umbrella.

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Do Clothes have an age limit?

I have often been asked, if a person of a certain age can wear this or that. Is it possible, that an adult woman wear leather trousers, or a bikerstyle leather jacket? On the other hand, are knee length skirts and small jackets only for the real grown ups, or is it ok for a twenty something to do so, and still be street-smart? 

The answer, or MY answer is, that so long as you wear your own correct size, adults tend all to think they are a size bigger than they are, and young people the opposite. Style is something that never goes out of fashion, it is an inner strength and need to look your own best. So if you like a pair of leather trousers, find them in a color that suits you, and do not necessarily pair them with the biker jacket and heavy boots. One piece of leather should be enough, well, perhaps two, the purse. Combine your leather jacket to nice trousers or a skirt/dress where you dress down the leather element, be careful in choice of colors, and your leather trousers with a soft knit for instance. 

The length of the pencil dress has always been a ongoing subject. It seems that some women have been to a stylist at some point, and learned, that they have skinny legs, therefore the skirt must be short. Well, the legs can still be seen, even if the skirt has an appropriate length. Around the knee I would say. It is not boring,  it is elegant, and add some heel, through boots or high heels, and tell me if I wrong. 

In the same subject field I can address this issue, I have also often been asked, or told actually, that short women should never wear long blazers or baggy trousers, because the short woman disappears in them, or looks even smaller. Again, if you feel uncomfortable wearing baggy or wide pants, then don’t, but otherwise, find your own size and have fun with it. Tall women tend to have another issue, some feel, that they can only walk in flat shoes, because they become too tall in high heels. If you feel uncomfortable, then by all means, go safe and flat, but if you feel like being a supermodel for a day, wear your heals. Life is too short for hard rules, have fun with clothes regardless if you are short or tall.