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What to wear when it says…

Have you ever received an invitation to a party, wedding or gathering with a dresscode you could not understand? Most of us have. Previously there were only a few very clear dresscodes, nowadays there are many more, and it can be a jungle to find out what to actually wear.

Principally the dresscode is there to help the guests, so they know more or less what to expect. As a guest you will follow those dresscodes, because you are an invitee, and shall respect the dresscodes. It is a gesture towards the hostess to show up prepared and groomed. Not following dresscodes will be on the other hand un-polite, not knowing is another thing. Let us find out.

If it states Smart Casual on your invitation. What is your immediate thought? This dresscode should not be read literally, because you might focus too much on the Casual-word. In a few words it could be explained like this. Take a suit or two piece, and break it up, wear the jacket or blazer with a different pair of trousers or skirt. Or leave the jacket at home, and combine the dressy trousers or skirt to a nice top. This dresscode is actually much fun, it should be elegant yet comfortable. Do not however mix casual and comfortable to stiff and businesslike, f.eks do not wear your sneakers with your dressy trousers, or do not wear a hoody with a dressy skirt. 

What if it says Trendy Elegant, where does your mind wander then? For women this shouts for a dress. Length of dress is up to you, however not a galla gown. Combine something trendy to your dress for example with an accessory, scarf, belt, purse or a pair of trendy shoes.

Your invitation for the next party says Dresscode: Casual Party Attire. What would you wear? This particular dresscode gives a lot of freedom to the wearer. If you are a jeans gal, then by all means, wear your favorite jeans, but combine them with nice high heels and a bling top. After all, it does say party, and party calls for bling. You could wear a nice blazer with a fringe top underneath to those jeans also. Just remember, take a small purse and high heels or festive sandals. A dress would naturally also be a perfect choice, you could combine the dress to a little leather jacket or a smart jeans jacket if it is not too heavy. 

Hope this helps a little, next up are the heavier dresscodes…

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