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Which is your favorite season?

I love spring and I love love summer, because everything looks fresher when the skin is a few tones darker, the smiles are more eased. We scandinavians tend to live two different lives, one in the summer, where days are longer and there are more activities on the agenda. And then there is winter, where we tend to snug more around the sofa with a warm cup of tea. 

However, my absolute favorite season when it comes to clothes, is autumn. Again we can actually start dressing up, wearing layers, cashmeres, patterns, scarves and other accessories. Small skirts with thick stockings and a pullover, is a really trendy and classic look. I tend to always wear trousers, because it is so easy. But more and more I remind myself of the skirt or the little dress. It is feminine and cool. I always get more complements when wearing a skirt than any pair of trousers, regardless of how nice they are. 

Why is it then, that so many people have it like me? Stockings come very thick and bodysmart nowadays. They come in cotton or woolblends, one can even wear many on top of one another to keep the warmth if necessary. There are long coats, leg warmers you name it. Still, it seems that those days are gone when women always wore dresses. Some still do, thank you for that. You are my inspiration!

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